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Sauna Hat

Sauna hats to keep your head cool… but why?

We know that warm air rises, and in a sauna this causes the head to heat up faster than the rest of the body. Sauna hats have been used for centuries to help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the body. It allows longer sauna sessions by reducing the urge to cool off when your ears feel too hot or the löyly hits you a little too intensely.

Despite wearing a sauna hat, it's crucial to listen to your body, sauna is not a endurance sport and you should always step out to cool down when you reach your heat ceiling, but being able to stay in the heat until your whole body has reached your limit (rather than just your head) means you’ll receive more of the health benefits and be able to relax a little more whilst doing so.

You can now have your very own Soul Water Sauna hat and look sauna chic on your next stroll along the prom to see us! 



Orders are for collection from SWS during our opening hours or the Saunatonttu (Finnish Sauna Elf) can hand deliver within the EH15 postcode.

If you require delivery, once you have received your emailed Order Confirmation, please reply with the delivery name and address. The Saunatonttu will be sent out to deliver on, or before December 23rd.